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Monolayer film blowing machine

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Monolayer film blowing machine


Monolayer film blowing machine


Monolayer film blowing machine is used for blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), Metallocene Linear low density polyethylene (MLDPE), polypropylene PP plastic film, widely used in food, fruit, clothing, textile, daily necessities and industrial packaging.


This machine adopts Germany Rhine Haosen advanced technology, advanced manufacturing technology. The main parts are the use of special equipment to ensure that the flow to higher accuracy and good surface roughness, the mold body is interchangeable with strong, small resistance, material flow, temperature distribution, the mold rotation stability, good sealing performance. The unit output is twenty-five percent higher than the best of the same kind in the country. Colleagues can be a single linear material, and to ensure that it is a certain degree of height and transparency. The physical properties of the plastic products made by this unit are improved. Nose using Taiwan head. The unit runs reliably, the main output of the machine is up to the standard, the plastic effect is good, the precision of mould manufacturing and the surface roughness is high, traction, the winding tension is constant, the size can be adjusted, the collection is in order.

Technical specification:

Model: SGM-30X30-500

Screw diameter: 30mm

Screw length diameter ratio: L/D 30:1

Screw speed: r/min 17-170

Main motor power: 7.5kw

Maximum output: 30kg/h

Product thickness: 0.003-0.10mm

Product maximum folding width: 450mm

Die size: 60mm 80mm 40mm

Total electrical power: 15kw

Appearance scale (length x width x height): 5200mx1800mx3000mm

Machine weight: 1500kg

Model: SGM-40X28-650

Screw diameter: 40mm

Screw length diameter ratio: L/D 28:1

Screw speed: r/min 17-170

Main motor power: 11kw

Maximum output: 45kg/h

Product thickness: 0.003-0.10

Product maximum folding width: 600mm

Die size: 80mm 120mm 60mm

Total electrical power: 19kw

Appearance scale (length x width x height): 6200mx2000mx400mm

Machine weight: 2000kg

Model: SGM-45X30-850

Screw diameter: 45mm

Screw length diameter ratio: L/D 30:1

Screw speed: r/min 15-150

Main motor power: 18.5kw

Maximum output: 80kg/h

Product thickness: 0.005-0.10mm

Product maximum folding width: 800mm

Die size: 120mm 200mm 80mm

Total electrical power: 28kw

Appearance scale (length x width x height): 5200mx2200mx4600mm

Machine weight: 3000kg

Dalian monolayer film blowing machine imported advanced technology from foreign manufacturers, is the production of plastic plastic film blowing machine equipment Professional Company, novel design, advanced technology, strong technical force, has a series of products and standardization, selling the country, favored by the majority of customers. Welcome to inquire! 0411-86260347

Monolayer film blowing machine

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