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The starting - up operation of three - layer coextruder is described

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The starting - up operation of three - layer coextruder is described

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The machine production of POF heat shrinkable film USES the international advanced "double bubble tube membrane processes, through second blow bulge forming, its products with a light specific gravity, high transparency, good flexibility, high shrinkage rate and low temperature resistance. The unique design of PP/PE/PP three-layer co-extrusion die head, used in composite three-tier co-extrusion technology, ensure port discharging retention time is short, rapid melt evenly distributed.

When the three-layer co-extruding film blowing machine starts operation, it must first check whether the power supply wiring is disconnected or leakage; Check the instrument for abnormal damage. Ensure all parts are safe and normal before starting up, so as not to affect production and cause accidents. Increase molding temperature, cooling air temperature and blow ratio in the range of film forming conditions; So the turbidity of the film increases and the gloss decreases. It goes up.

The die head is plated with hard chrome, and its structure is screw mandrel type. The air cooling device is a labyrinth structure with uniform air output and cooling by circulating water. The winding device adopts pressure friction winding or central platform winding, and adopts torque motor to adjust.

Can produce high - performance blow - film unit. (such as high-performance barrier film, high-performance nylon film, high-performance medical film and high-performance composite film, etc.) It is an urgent task to improve the quality of products, the technical transion of membrane blowing machine and the performance of equipment.

According to the requirements of the product performance price comparison plant near the production of three layers of plastic extrusion blow molding compound film unit speed control using ABB acs550-01 series frequency converter. The whole machine adopts 12 frequency converters to control the speed, tension and torque of each link, completing the automatic control process of the whole machine.


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